Dissertation BREXIT UK Construction Labour Market

Future Impact and Implication of BREXIT on the UK Construction Labour Market

Title: Future Impact and Implication of BREXIT on the UK Construction Labour Market. The construction Industry remains one of the most influential industries within the British economy. As the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) reported, for each £1 spent on construction output, a total of £2.84 in total economic activity is generated. With ambitious government plans and scheduled deadlines around the corner, it is essential for the construction industry to retain an access to the required resources.

The skills shortage remains an issue within an industry where a remedy has not been found to overcome the labour shortfall problem. The foreign workforce has been successfully used in recent years to fill the gap within the construction labour market, but the gap between the retiring workforce and the number of new entrants into the construction market remains significant. The 2016 EU Referendum resulted in a decision to leave European Union.

UK Construction Dissertation BREXIT
UK Construction Dissertation BREXIT

Although exact strategies of dealing with this decision are unknown yet uncertainty started affecting the construction industry immediately after the referendum result. At first, many foreign workers consider transferring their skills to other countries where access to the single market remains unaffected. This dissertation aims to analyse the effect of Brexit on the construction labour market and assess foreign workforce movement within the United Kingdom.

The aim of this dissertation is to analyse the current and potential future trends of foreign worker movement within the UK construction sector.

Dissertation Objectives

  • Provide a clear and precise analysis of the construction industry labour market in UK focussing on the foreign workers coming from EUA8 countries.
  • To evaluate the current tendencies within the market and make reliable assumptions towards the possible changes in trends resulting from Referendum decision.

1 – Introduction
Aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Research Structure

2 – Literature Review
UK Construction – Labour Market
Foreign Workers in Construction Industry
Skills shortage and solutions
Effect of BREXIT on Construction Industry
BREXIT Strategies

3 – Research Methodology
Research Strategy
Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research
Primary Research
The Survey Approach
The Case Study Approach
Secondary Research
Research Ethical Practice

4 – Data Analysis
Interview Results
Questionnaire Results
Office for National Statistics

5 – Conclusion
Research Purpose
Research Objectives
Research Limitations
Recommendations for further research



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UK Construction Skills Shortage

Alleviating Skills Shortage Concerns within the UK Construction Industry

Since overcoming the recession period in the mid 2000’s the construction industry has had significant levels of growth and is an in demand sector within the UK’s economy. In order for the demand to be met by the Industry it requires a significant amount of skilled workforce to cope with the current great strides in growth. This is however creating a big concern within the industry as it is believed that the supply of skilled workforce will be unable to meet the demands which are set out and the construction industry is facing a barrier to progress further. The purpose of this study is to find possible solutions on how the ever growing skills shortage can be implemented and improved by identifying what the cause is behind the skills shortage is and what initiations are in place to overcome these at present. This research provides an overview of the skills within the UK construction industry and where the possible problems lie in terms of the ever growing skills shortage.

UK Construction Skills Shortage
UK Construction Skills Shortage

The author carried out research with the aid of literature which has been reviewed and carried this research further by conducting an interview to gain a view of professionals within the industry on the current situation and possible solutions. The main findings from the research were that the respondents believed a skills shortage existed within the industry and if the current situation were to continue then a barrier for the industry to grow would be faced in the near the future. The reasons which were gained from the research was mainly that the industry was not attractive enough to potential new recruits and the lack of opportunities to be a part of the sector are limited. The main conclusion from this study is that in order to overcome the current skills shortage problem within the UK, the industry needs to invest from within in order to enhance the attractions which could possibly attract new recruits within the industry.

Dissertation Objectives

  • Review where, why and how this problem has occurred
  • Examine the demand for the need of skilled workforce with in the industry
  • Identify methods in which the skilled workforce can be increased
  • Provide recommendations on how this problem can be resolved

1 – Introduction

2 – Shortage of Skills
Construction Industry Overview
CIOB Surveys in Skills Shortage
Changes in Policies
Construction Industry Training Board

3 – Research Methods
Research Approaches
Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Literature Review

4 – Data Analysis and Discussion
Sample Size and Response Rate
Structure of Questionnaire
Review and Discussion of Questionnaire
Skills Shortage
Apprenticeships and Training
Discussion and Evaluation of Research

5 – Conclusions and Recommendations
Research Aim
Satisfying the Objectives
Research Limitations



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