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Where Can I Find Example Marketing Dissertations

Writing A Marketing Dissertation

Example Marketing Dissertations – Writing a marketing dissertation will be easier for some university students compared to others, this is probably down to the fact that some students have a better understanding of marketing principles or have more exposure to marketing techniques in general. So what about students who have less knowledge of marketing but intend to complete a marketing dissertation?

Having little knowledge of a subject area would deter many students from pursing a research project in a particular field but many see it as an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of a new research field. When I started my undergraduate business degree more than a decade ago, I had little knowledge of marketing principles or how to deploy marketing techniques in a real working environment.

Prior to my studies, I was led to believe that people working in marketing departments designed posters and created TV commercials for a living. I improved my perception of marketing by actually researching and writing marketing related projects. After a couple of years of study, I appreciated how all encompassing the field of marketing actually is, it is not all about poster design or TV commercials – far from it. I hope you gain valuable insight on how to attain quality example marketing dissertations.

If I fast forward to my third and final year of my undergraduate degree, I was at a quandary to what field of study I should select for my dissertation topic. I excelled in economics and business management but I discovered a passion for international marketing and how it has helped transform the global business landscape.

I was intrigued by the way large multinational companies deploy contrasting marketing campaigns around the world. A Vodafone marketing campaign will differ across boundaries, a marketing campaign in the US will differ to that found in Asia and Europe. Same could be said of other large MNCs such as Microsoft, Google and Coca Cola. The culture, political make up, demographics and economic environment will determine how successful marketing campaigns are in certain countries, this is where interesting comparisons can be made.

Example Marketing Dissertations
Example Marketing Dissertations

I eventually decided to write my dissertation on international marketing techniques based on a large telecommunications company, I enjoyed writing the dissertation and I learned so much while compiling the dissertation. I would like to share with you how I began my marketing dissertation project and how I used existing literature (journals, books, case studies and articles) to help accomplish my marketing dissertation to a high standard.

Firstly, decide if you want to write a marketing dissertation or a dissertation in another research field, you cannot be in two minds at this point as you will get off to a bad start – this can hold you back and increase stress levels further down the line.

Initial Inspiration – Example Marketing Dissertations

Complementing on what to base your marketing dissertation on can be an arduous decision. Below is a list of pointers that may help you spark your research project into life, there is every chance that you already have your own inspiration;

Analyse what you have previously studied in your degree – Revisit the marketing subject areas you have already covered. You may discover that you have already researched a particular company, industry or technique in great depth. This will get your dissertation off to a great start and you can elaborate on this existing knowledge. During my studies I completed four marketing modules based on a well known telecommunication company, I rigorously researched the culture of this organisation and key members of the company’s management structure. I researched this on a domestic basis but I wrote my dissertation on the same organisation and adopted an international approach, this saved me a lot of time and effort. This gave me added confidence as I felt I knew what I was writing about.

Don’t attempt to write a generic or outdated piece of research. There is nothing inspirational about dedicating an entire dissertation to a defunct company or an outdated marketing technique. You will lose momentum and interest during the writing process and more importantly the person reading your research will switch off. Please avoid this if you can. Look at new marketing techniques and dynamic organisations. There are so many exciting mergers and acquisitions taking place right now and combing this with the social media boom will lead to an engaging research dissertation.

Benefits of Example Marketing Dissertations

Keeping on the right track and make sure you have quality reference material at hand. Ensure that the literature you are analyzing is not too dated and relevant to your dissertation. Academic journals and news articles tend to be up to date and you should be able to reference these in your own marketing dissertation. I decided not to include journal entries or news articles greater than five years. You must include key academic publications and marketing models regardless of publication date. This demonstrates that you have identified key scholars, models and publications relating to your field of study. This is important when writing a literature review or if you intend to critique existing literature. Make sure you adhere to your university’s referencing guidelines.

Look at existing literature in your field of study. I focused on key trends within the global telecommunications industry and how intrinsic marketing campaigns play a major role in the success of organisations. I had to look at literature within the information technology arena as well as marketing publications. I also looked at existing example marketing dissertation topics written by students who investigated my area of study. It was interesting to see how they structured and compiled their dissertation. I felt inclined to better their dissertation and to make my dissertation more interesting and cutting edge. Below is a list marketing dissertations I examined while I was writing my own marketing dissertation.

The Influence of Advertising on Consumer Behavior

Consumer Retail Loyalty: An Analysis Into Tesco

How Does Zara Sustain Competitive Advantage In Europe Without Advertising?

What is the Role Played by Social Media in Crisis Communications?

The Effects of Branding Strategy on the Smart Phone Market

An Analysis into the Importance of Advertising in the Retail Industry

A Comparison of the Marketing Mix in a Developed and a Developing Country

I’m sure this blog post will help you kick start your marketing dissertation project into life. The links provided should serve as a guide and give you a good insight into what constitutes as quality example marketing dissertation. Good luck and all the best.

I hope you enjoyed this Example Marketing Dissertations post. Your comments and thoughts are welcomed. Feel free to add more ideas and personal experiences to this post.

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  14. A dissertation is one of the most important documents that a student has to write in their academic career. It requires a great amount of research and hard work, and so it is important for students to find an example marketing dissertation that can provide them with valuable material.

    This article provides an example marketing dissertation which is very well explained and ideal for students who are looking for guidance while writing their own dissertation. All the topics related to marketing are covered in this example, making it a valuable resource for anyone looking to create a successful marketing dissertation.

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