Business Process Modelling

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Business Process Modelling

Business process modelling plays a major role in determining important occurrences in the running of an organisation. Enterprises use business processes as a tool of getting the end product from inputs. The knowledge of tools for modelling, analysing and designing business process is critical for any enterprise to achieve its goals. One of the most important tools used in business process is known as the Enterprise Architect 11.1 (Sparx systems 2014).

This report was chosen as it uses a version that applies the Unified Modelling Language (UML), which is standard all over the world. Its process is shown below.

Business Process Modelling
Business Process Modelling

Adapted from (Sparx Systems, 2014)

Methods, tools and techniques used for process identification, modelling and redesign

The most important step to take is selecting the right model design to come up with the right methods for process identification (Zhang, 2014). The design process entails the definition of available methods, and business goals, the development of ideas followed by prototype, then evaluation, and lastly the implementation of the design. This report was chosen as it is applicable in most process identification, modelling and redesigning procedures, and it entails the use of five steps:

  1. Define
  2. Idea
  3. Prototype
  4. Implement
  5. Evaluate

Appropriate methods, tools and techniques to model and interpret ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ process models

There is the need to realise appropriate procedures that helps one in modelling and interpreting process models, both in the ‘as-is’ and the ‘to-be’ state (IT Skills, 2011). One thing to look at is the model business processes and functions. The next process entails understanding of the value chain for the organization, the business context for the available models and the business rules. This report was chosen as it focuses on both the current and future states of an organisation. The ‘as-is’ state of the organization entails focusing on the creation of a complete model for the business, prototyping and evaluating it in order to determine the level of performance.

Organisational change issues that may arise owing to implementing new business processes and propose solutions

The main cause of change in the business environment is the need to improve performance on the market (Mason, 2014). Increase in competition makes it important for new business processes to come up all the time. There are various things that come with change in an organization such as layoffs and resistance to change, which may negatively affect business processes.

This report was chosen as it focuses on various process changes such as repackaging, creation and assembling may meet rejection from the market, leading to slow growth. However, this can be controlled by carrying out proper market research before, during and after the process change.

Evaluate current research literature in business process modelling

The business process modelling sector has been receiving a lot of focus in terms of research in the past few years (Recker, 2014). This is due to the improving global economy, which brings with it the need for process change in various commercial sectors.

This report was chosen as it shows the significance of research in business process modelling. Literature business process modelling focuses more on physical business fields, more than online businesses. This leaves a lot of work for future research in the field of online commerce, and makes it necessary for researchers to consider focusing on the online sector.


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