Pricing Strategy Primark

A Study into the Impact of Pricing Strategy on Market Growth at Primark UK

Primark Dissertation

The aim of this dissertation is to identify the importance of differential pricing strategies in the fashion and apparel industry in UK, which has been adopted by the organisation Primark. There are a number of factors behind the adoption of this marketing strategies and the research has been designed to identify and analyse the same. The study as a result has been broken down into six different parts or chapters. The first chapter introduces to the topic to the reader whereby research aims and objectives and questions are presented. To be able to conduct successful research on the same, it is necessary to identify the important aspects and factors in the market, and this has been achieved in the following chapter on literature review.

The focus is on the identification of important literary frameworks which will help in the provision of direction to the research study. Involvement of research participants is a crucial aspect and the same have been elaborated in the third chapter which informs the reader about the adopted research methodology which is epistemology. Secondary research about competitiveness through pricing strategies in UK fashion retail is also presented. The fourth chapter is presentation of responses obtained from the sample population and focus groups. This is followed by the fifth chapter which is based on the analysis and interpretation of the responses obtained from primary research. The final and concluding chapter will highlight the findings of the study along with provision of recommendations and scope of future research. They finally establish that the differential pricing strategies adopted by Primark have been successful in providing growth and competitive edge to the organisation.


The aims of the research process have been carefully constructed to ensure that the focus is on the attainment of the purpose of the research study:

  • To present evidence based market picture of the UK apparel industry in order to highlight the critical factors which affect the purchase decisions of the customers in the market.
  • To be able to analyse the appropriateness of the strategies developed by the business organisation related to marketing and business development in the UK market.
  • To be able to analyse market trends and highlight crucial factors related to the operations of the organisation, which will help in making recommendations towards growth and sustenance of business of the organisation in UK with the current objective and marketing strategy adopted by the organisation.

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