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MBA "An Optimal Bank Relationship Management Approach In Emerging Countries"
MBA "The Impact and Influence of Leadership on Project Management Functions"
BA "Mergers and Acquisitions in the UK Mobile Telecommunications Sector"
BA "The Effects of Operational Risk Management at Airports"
MBA "The Role and Importance of CSR on SME Business Strategy and Profitability"
MBA "The Impact Of Post Involvement Of Business Angels On The Commercial Performance Of Startup Businesses"
BA "A Review of the Current Financial Crisis in Greece and Potential Opportunities Arising From an Economic Revival"
MSc "Standardization of Project Management"
BA "Can CSR Have A Positive Effect On Profitability?"
MBA "The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Satisfaction"
MBA "How Technological and Environmental Changes Affect Taiwanese Headphones Companies and Their Globalization Strategies"
MBA "Investigation into the Growing Importance of the Maintenance and Service Sector in Saudi Arabia"
MBA "Does the UK Economy have a Profound Impact on the UK Banking Industry?"
MBA "Target Characteristics of Mergers and Acquisitions within the US Real Estate Industry and the Effect on Employee Turnover"
MSc "Green Supply Chain Management and Context of Consumer Buying Behaviour"
BA "Assessment of the 2008 Banking Crisis and Subsequent Changes in Risk Management Strategies in the UK Banking Sector"
MA "Examining Brain Drain Determinates, How Should Taiwan Suppress This Phenomenon?"
MA "Analysis into the Consumer Behaviour Characteristics of the Chinese Automobile Industry"
MBA "The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) On Chinese Electric Power Enterprise: A Case Study of Shaanxi State Grid Corporation of China"
MBA "Synergy and Value Creation in the Acquisition of Volvo by Geely"
MA "A Study into Service Quality in Grocery Retail Shops in South Africa"
BA "Effects of Organisational Culture on Organisational Performance in the Information Technology Industry: A Case Study Of IBM"
BA "What Makes A Business Successful? A Case Study Analysis of Alibaba"
MBA "Analysing the Effectiveness of Continuous Innovation Strategy on Sustainability: A Case Study of Apple (UK)"
MBA "Impact of CSR on Business Practice"
MBA "Impact of Social Welfare System on the Growth of the Irish Economy with Emphasis Placed on Unemployment"
MA "Impact of Counterfeit Products on Consumer Purchase Intention – A Study into the Chinese Mobile Phone Industry"
BA "How Sustainable Supply Chain Management Can Increase Sales In Fashion Clothing - A Study of Marks and Spencer"
BA "A Critical Analysis of the Impact of Leadership on Business - A Case Study of Apple"
MA "E-commerce opportunities of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"
MBA "Effectiveness and Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction. A Case Study of Vodafone Group UK"
BA "Can The UK Expect To Maintain Strong Environmental Regulation Within The Oil Industry, If And When Crude Oil Prices Persist At The Low Levels Of Revenue Experienced In 2015?"
BA "An Examination of Impact of Local Content Policy in the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry"
BA "Information and Communication Technology and Service Delivery in Commercial Banks in Kenya"
BSc "The Effects of Low Oil Prices: A Comparative Analysis of Saudi Arabia and the UAE"
MSc "Impact of Inefficient Use of Information Technology among Project Management Staff in Developing Countries"
BA "Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth and Development: An Empirical Study of the Nigeria Infrastructure Industry"
MBA "An Assessment of the Managerial Objectives of Engaging In Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Perceived Communication Gap between Disclosure and Actual Practice in UK Companies"
MBA "Cross Cultural Integrity In Intercultural Environments"
BA "An Evaluation of the Value of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy at Qatar Airways on Consumers"
BA "Factors Influencing Growth of Co-Operative Societies in Nairobi County Kenya"
BA "Effect of Leadership Style on Employee Motivation"
MA "Assessing the Impact of Ecommerce on the Indian Retail Sector"
BSc "Effective Decision Making In Software Project Management"
BA "Women in Business"
MBA "Leadership Strategies for Improving Performance of SMEs in Saudi Arabia"
BA "A Cross Border Comparison on How Entrepreneurs Consider a Circular Economy When Starting an Enterprise"
MBA "MBA Project Strategic Analysis – Vaxess Technologies Inc."
BA "The Impact and Expectations of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Buying Behaviour"
BA "An Evaluation into The Impact of Corporate Governance and Excessive Usage of Waste and Plastic Disposal"
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