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BSA0051 Strategic Analysis of Tata Group. Tata Group is one of the most renowned and prominent business groups in India. Tata Group is comprised of 96 functioning enterprises which fall under seven different business sectors. Undoubtedly, this group stands as a giant in the business community of India. Tata Group has now expanded its operations in more than 54 countries. This group has spread its network worldwide catering the needs of consumers everywhere. As a result, this group is gaining more popularity in specific countries where they have started their business, some of which include UK, Bangladesh, Vietnam and USA. After their successful operation in India, Tata group is making every effort to penetrate in the international market. It is imperative to analyze their business strategy which is not possible without conducting a thorough SWOT analysis, PESTEL, reviewing their business model and investigating their strategic position. However, it is important to conduct an in-depth analysis in order to get an idea why Tata group is adopting the trend of acquiring the status of internationalization for their business group [3,000 words]
BSA0052 Vodafone Business and Environmental Analysis. Vodafone Group Plc. is amongst one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies by revenue operating in over 30 countries across the globe providing a range of communications services including mobile voice, messaging, data, and fixed broadband. The company has its operations in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, The United Stated (under the name Verizon), Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East through its subsidiaries, investments, joint ventures and associates. Vodafone was awarded mobile license in the UK in 1982. It is also entitled to make the first ever mobile call in UK in 1985. Today, it serves more than 358 million customers across the globe and providing employment to an average of 89,000 people globally. In UK, Vodafone is the 3rd largest mobile operator after O2 and Everything, Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile Merger). It remains one of the most recognized brands in the market with a focus on organic service growth. In this report, I aim to analyze the business and management of Vodafone UK with the help of a number of models and theories to understand the internal and external environment of the company [4,000 words]
BSA0053 Case Study Analysis: BHP Billiton and Strategic Choices. BHP Petroleum works in numerous nations all over the world and currently working on oil and gas projects in Australia, The Gulf of Mexico, the UK, Algeria, Trinidad and Tobago and Pakistan with the plan to venture into Fawklands, Canada and Malaysia soon. BHP Billiton are one of the world’s largest producers of major commodities, including aluminium, manganese, coal, copper, iron ore, nickel, uranium and have significant interests in gas and oil sectors. Strategic management is the methodology whereby every single organizational functions and resources are incorporated and facilitated to apply planned procedures which are adjusted to the environment, so as to accomplish the long-term goals of the association and consequently can gain an advantage by adding value for all stakeholders. In other words, strategic management is a process whereby the organization put together plans, actions and executes them to achieve the organization objectives. A competitive advantage therefore is the edge the organization has over competitors, and these could be achieved through strategies like lower costs, a wider range of products and services or a focus on a specific niche market segment [2,300 words]
BSA0054 BMW Operation Management. BMW is the one of the largest and admired care manufacturing company which has strong customer base due to its brand name. BMW is one of the top ten manufacturers which have three strong brands Rolls-Royce, BMW and Mini. BMW`s Strategy one which has four important pillars i.e. “Access to technology and customers” “Profitability” “Growth” and “Shaping the future”. This strategy is aimed at providing guidelines for its operation management to remain focus on the long-term value creation and to achieve quality improvement. BMW has a special approach towards its supply chain management; they have adopted build-to-order supply chain management. BMW however have a good approach to satisfy new customers’ needs through its build-to-order supply chain. But on the other hand manufacturing industries in automobile sector do need to focus on their logistics in supplying `parts` after sale.  Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are the important concepts of TQM (Roy et al, 2006). BMW has ATLAS program which deals with supplying customers with replacement parts after the issue of supply chain [2,300 words]
BSA0055 What Are Fundamental Ingredients / Factors Governing Effective Cultural Diversity Management In A Workplace? This research is based on the analysis of fundamental factors affecting cultural diversity management in organizations. The study aimed to increase the understanding of diversity by reviewing different theories related to the topic. The study also gathered to review diversity management practices of different organizations. In order to realize aims, secondary data has been gathered from different sources. The research has presented case studies of HP, Dublin Bus, Avon Corporation, and Gannet News Media. The analysis of different theories and case studies has revealed that the key factors affecting diversity management include the perceptions of employees, management practices, and policies. The effective management of diversity allows organizations to improve the satisfaction of employees. It also allows businesses to solve problems in a creative manner [5,500 words]
BSA0056 Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership. This report discussed the importance of a strategy in the growth and development of the company. Emphasis was laid on the process, through which the success of the strategy had resulted. The first chapter introduced the topic and explained the necessity of a strategy, change and innovation in a company. In the second chapter, the literature review of the report was discussed, explaining the theoretical framework of the report. The researcher had given emphasis on defining strategy, and the importance of leadership in strategy making and thinking. In order to understand the strategy of a company, the researcher had explained the internal and external environments of the company through different management models; including PESTLE, SWOT and Porter’s five forces [7,000 words]
BSA0057 Business Innovation – Netflix Case Study. In this report, the main focus is on the innovational pattern and the capabilities of the selected organization (Netflix), and how this organization can compete with the media industry’s trends which are being faced by the media companies today and in the year 2020. Also, a detailed analysis has also been presented in the report which would suggest that how a connection can be established between the company’s capabilities and the media demands. The report then concludes that how Netflix needs to adapt to the trends, and needs to bring in innovation. It needs new product development, new distribution techniques and new technology to survive in the competitive mode of the industry [4,500 words]
BSA0058 Integration of Business Functions Why Toyota (Japan) Is So Successful. The culture at Toyota is a huge factor for its huge success today. The culture at Toyota has a strong sense of secrecy and hierarchy. The culture at Toyota is based on 4 main factors Teamwork, Improvement through Learning, Quality and Secrecy. Every employee goes through teambuilding training program because Toyota has been using teams in most of the departments. Interaction in the teamwork is the leading factor for the success of Toyota. Teamwork is another strategy used by Toyota to rationalize the use of hand labour. The idea is to group employees into teams, with the guidance of a leader. This works along with other workers, with the task of coordinating the group and replace any that may be lacking [4,000 words]
BSA0059 Two Comparable CRM Products - Security and Procurement Report. This report has been intended to compare the McDonalds and Burger King based on the products of CRM. With the help of this analysis, it could be possible to identify the importance of CRM products in business success. Therefore, a theoretical framework has been constructed by using the exploratory method for case studies of two firms compared through Laudon case study diagram. The results of the report state that the ePowerCenter and POS products are assisting the business success of McDonalds and Burger King respectively. However, it has been concluded that the POS system is relatively ineffective if it is not updated as in the case of Burger King. Thus, the recommendations show that CRM products must be used, but after a proper investigation of the business requirements and need of customers’ satisfaction[ 2,300 words]
BSA0060 Corporate Governance. Corporate governance is substantively described as they system by which an enterprise is directed and controlled. It also accentuates the process by which firms are made to respond to the right and wishes of the stakeholders. The concept of process is ideal because it emphasizes the continuous change of nature the board of an enterprise has to meet (Tricker, 2015). Both definitions heighten that entities and the boards must work within some boundaries. The setting up of the boundaries is done by many sources such as the law and regulations, the providers of funds, the owners of stock in a general meeting, the firm constitution and the opinions of the public. The views of the public primarily encompass advocacy on the social issues such as the environment and human rights. The key point is that the nature of the boundaries within which the entity operates is continuously changing [2,000 words]
BSA0061 Organizational Behavior - Culture, Leadership Styles and Motivational Theories. In wake of technological revolution and phenomenon of globalization the job of HR managers is becoming more and more crucial and challenging. Today’s business organizations cannot think about survival and competitiveness without aggressively embracing the advancements in technology. This is the only way to compete with the adversaries on the basis of innovation, cost and quality. To leverage optimal benefits from heavy investments for acquiring new technologies the importance of well-trained and highly skilled manpower cannot be overemphasized. That is why managing human capital by hiring, training and retaining workforce with essentially required skill sets has become highly critical. Moreover, due to globalization and corporatization HR managers have to cope with challenge of managing diversity at workplace. They have to think and act prudently while managing the people from diverse cultures so as to mitigate conflicts for ensuring maximum output through teamwork. This is because the subject of Organizational Behavior (OB) is regarded as highly critical for effective HR management. The core focus of OB is to study individual and group behavior at workplace so that output of both individuals and groups can be optimized by adopting appropriate management strategies and leadership styles for proper training and motivation of the workforce at various levels [7,500 words]
BSA0062 UK Entrepreneurs Wellbeing – A Study discussing the impact of the EU Referendum on UK entrepreneurship. The beginning of Europe merging into one power was that of Winston Churchill and dates back to as early as 1946 when he in a speech to youngsters in Zurich spoke of the need of a united Europe for the security, peace, and freedom of the land. The dream moved closer to reality when the Council of Europe was formed in 1949 with ten countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom with the objective of fostering the values of freedom, peace, and democracy across Europe. In 1957, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany became signatories to a treaty that led to the formation of the European Economic Community (EEC). This led to the formation of a single trade and commerce entity where all barriers were eliminated and thus became what was called as the "common market". In 1958, the Court of Justice of the European Communities was assigned the complete onus of maintaining law and order through European law across the European Coal and Steel Community, the European Atomic Energy Community and the European Economic Community [7,000 words]
BSA0063 Two Comparable CRM Products. This report has been intended to compare the McDonalds and burger King based on the products of CRM. With the help of this analysis, it could be possible to identify the importance of CRM products in business success. Therefore, a theoretical framework has been constructed by using the exploratory method for case studies of two firms compared through Laudon case study diagram. The results of the report state that the ePowerCenter and POS products are assisting the business success of McDonalds and Burger King respectively. However, it has been concluded that the POS system is relatively ineffective if it is not updated as in the case of Burger King. Thus, the recommendations show that CRM products must be used, but after a proper investigation of the business requirements and need of customers’ satisfaction [2,000 words]
BSA0064 Total Quality Management. To ensure high quality of operations in an organization, there are various approaches that organizations take to ensure total quality management. Total quality management (TQM) ensures that all the efforts in an organization are put towards ensuring that an environment where the organization can ensure high quality of services and goods at all the times is ensured. Total quality management ensures that an organization has the ability to deliver the expected level of quality of goods and services. Academics argue that business organizations are expected to have the necessary tools which ensure that quality measures are put in place. One of the approaches of total quality management is the use of statistical process control which ensures that various statistical methods are used to control quality within their operations. This approach also ensures that an organization operates within its full potential levels and hence achieving the desired productivity in terms of production of goods and services which meet the set standards [2,000 words]
BSA0065 Transportation and Distribution Management. Organisations that operate with domestic or international markets are obligated to select an appropriate transportation process to improve control, reduce complexity, and reduce transportation cost. The research will examine how SABMiller, a UK based public company, can incorporate aspects of transport management, including incoterms selection, carrier relationship management, and carrier selection criteria.  Besides, the research will examine key information of the company, conduct an analysis of transportation capability, and recommend the appropriate incoterms, carrier selection criteria, and carrier relationship management. Moreover, the paper will focus on recommending how the company will establish appropriate carrier management relationships with the carriers [2,200 words]
BSA0066 Business Plan for Tango International Fabrics Company. This paper discusses the business plan for a Tango International Fabrics Company. The firm is a newly formed enterprise in Australia focusing on the sportswear segment of the sports industry.  Tango is a prospective entrant and therefore the business plan features the chronological steps that the management of the facility has to pursue in order to realize a successful entry and operation in the nearly monopolistic sportswear market. The policy features the firm’s relative position by exploring the feasibility of the market, finance, technology, and human resource. Moreover, the business model canvas is applied to assess the company’s internal activities relating to various parameters that have an influence on its success. Generally, the company has adequate resources and strategies to enter the market [2,500 words]
BSA0067 Business and Organizational Strategy - Strategic Analysis of GoGet Car Share Company. This analysis has focused on the GoGet Car Share Company and the main strategic issues that are likely to affect it in the years ahead, as the industry continues to grow. The main strategic analysis tools that have been used are Porter’s five forces model and PESTEL. Among the identified issued are the challenge of keeping up with the advancing automotive technology, inadequate transportation infrastructure, and the issues of governance that affect the car sharing industry as a whole. All these issues are critical in the car sharing business, and thus adequate measures need to be put in place to insure the company from any potential hazard [2,500 words]
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