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BSA0051 Strategic Analysis of Tata Group. Tata Group is one of the most renowned and prominent business groups in India. Tata Group is comprised of 96 functioning enterprises which fall under seven different business sectors. Undoubtedly, this group stands as a giant in the business community of India. Tata Group has now expanded its operations in more than 54 countries. This group has spread its network worldwide catering the needs of consumers everywhere. As a result, this group is gaining more popularity in specific countries where they have started their business, some of which include UK, Bangladesh, Vietnam and USA. After their successful operation in India, Tata group is making every effort to penetrate in the international market. It is imperative to analyze their business strategy which is not possible without conducting a thorough SWOT analysis, PESTEL, reviewing their business model and investigating their strategic position. However, it is important to conduct an in-depth analysis in order to get an idea why Tata group is adopting the trend of acquiring the status of internationalization for their business group [3,000 words]
BSA0052 Vodafone Business and Environmental Analysis. Vodafone Group Plc. is amongst one of the world’s largest mobile communications companies by revenue operating in over 30 countries across the globe providing a range of communications services including mobile voice, messaging, data, and fixed broadband. The company has its operations in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, The United Stated (under the name Verizon), Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East through its subsidiaries, investments, joint ventures and associates. Vodafone was awarded mobile license in the UK in 1982. It is also entitled to make the first ever mobile call in UK in 1985. Today, it serves more than 358 million customers across the globe and providing employment to an average of 89,000 people globally. In UK, Vodafone is the 3rd largest mobile operator after O2 and Everything, Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile Merger). It remains one of the most recognized brands in the market with a focus on organic service growth. In this report, I aim to analyze the business and management of Vodafone UK with the help of a number of models and theories to understand the internal and external environment of the company [4,000 words]
BSA0053 Case Study Analysis: BHP Billiton and Strategic Choices. BHP Petroleum works in numerous nations all over the world and currently working on oil and gas projects in Australia, The Gulf of Mexico, the UK, Algeria, Trinidad and Tobago and Pakistan with the plan to venture into Fawklands, Canada and Malaysia soon. BHP Billiton are one of the world’s largest producers of major commodities, including aluminium, manganese, coal, copper, iron ore, nickel, uranium and have significant interests in gas and oil sectors. Strategic management is the methodology whereby every single organizational functions and resources are incorporated and facilitated to apply planned procedures which are adjusted to the environment, so as to accomplish the long-term goals of the association and consequently can gain an advantage by adding value for all stakeholders. In other words, strategic management is a process whereby the organization put together plans, actions and executes them to achieve the organization objectives. A competitive advantage therefore is the edge the organization has over competitors, and these could be achieved through strategies like lower costs, a wider range of products and services or a focus on a specific niche market segment [2,300 words]
BSA0054 BMW Operation Management. BMW is the one of the largest and admired care manufacturing company which has strong customer base due to its brand name. BMW is one of the top ten manufacturers which have three strong brands Rolls-Royce, BMW and Mini. BMW`s Strategy one which has four important pillars i.e. “Access to technology and customers” “Profitability” “Growth” and “Shaping the future”. This strategy is aimed at providing guidelines for its operation management to remain focus on the long-term value creation and to achieve quality improvement. BMW has a special approach towards its supply chain management; they have adopted build-to-order supply chain management. BMW however have a good approach to satisfy new customers’ needs through its build-to-order supply chain. But on the other hand manufacturing industries in automobile sector do need to focus on their logistics in supplying `parts` after sale.  Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are the important concepts of TQM (Roy et al, 2006). BMW has ATLAS program which deals with supplying customers with replacement parts after the issue of supply chain [2,300 words]
BSA0055 What Are Fundamental Ingredients / Factors Governing Effective Cultural Diversity Management In A Workplace? This research is based on the analysis of fundamental factors affecting cultural diversity management in organizations. The study aimed to increase the understanding of diversity by reviewing different theories related to the topic. The study also gathered to review diversity management practices of different organizations. In order to realize aims, secondary data has been gathered from different sources. The research has presented case studies of HP, Dublin Bus, Avon Corporation, and Gannet News Media. The analysis of different theories and case studies has revealed that the key factors affecting diversity management include the perceptions of employees, management practices, and policies. The effective management of diversity allows organizations to improve the satisfaction of employees. It also allows businesses to solve problems in a creative manner [5,500 words]
BSA0056 Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership. This report discussed the importance of a strategy in the growth and development of the company. Emphasis was laid on the process, through which the success of the strategy had resulted. The first chapter introduced the topic and explained the necessity of a strategy, change and innovation in a company. In the second chapter, the literature review of the report was discussed, explaining the theoretical framework of the report. The researcher had given emphasis on defining strategy, and the importance of leadership in strategy making and thinking. In order to understand the strategy of a company, the researcher had explained the internal and external environments of the company through different management models; including PESTLE, SWOT and Porter’s five forces [7,000 words]
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