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An Investigation into the Effect of Recent Economic Recession on the UK Construction Industry (2012)

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Using quarterly data on GDP growth and new orders for construction from the Office for National Statistics, this study carries out an econometric analysis aimed at measuring the relationship between the UK economy and the UK construction industry. It also carries out qualitative analysis aimed at providing intelligence required to suggest ways in which the industry can minimize the threats and maximize the opportunities linked to the recent economic recession. The analysis supports the dynamic relationship between the economy and the industry as covered in existing literature. The main suggestion going forward based on the analysis is that the construction industry must develop a more collaborative working environment that is more client driving rather than client driven in order to increase the level of innovation required to meet the sustainability needs of clients. Research Objectives:
  • To analyse the relationship between the construction industry variables over a seven year period;
  • To examine how the UK construction industry contributes to the UK economy; and
  • To recommend ways in which the construction industry could benefit from the opportunities provided by the recession going forward

  • 10,000 words - 44 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good use of statistical analysis
  • Good analysis of the subject area
  • Ideal for building and quantity surveying students

1. Introduction
Research Aim and Objectives
Research Aim
Research Objectives

2. Literature Review
The Economic Recession of the 2000s
The relationship between the construction industry and the other parts of the economy
The effect of the recent recession on the UK construction industry

3. Methodology
Model Specification
Dependent Variable
Independent Variable

4. Statistical and Econometric Analysis
The Models
Summary Statistics
Summary Statistics New orders versus GDP Growth
Summary Statistics for New Orders before and during recession
Regression Results
Chow Test

5. Qualitative Analysis
Effect of recession on commercial property
Effect of recession on Housing Market
Effects on Partners and Projects
Effect on Employment

6. The Way Ahead for the Construction Industry

7. Conclusion and Recommendations
Recommendations for further research



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