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Title / Subject

BA "Economic Deflation Concerns in the United Kingdom"
BA "Does the Merger of an Investment Bank and a Commercial Bank Create Value?"
BA "Random Matrix Theory and the Analysis Of Financial Markets"
MSc "Analysis of Stock Market From An Investment Mechanism Perspective"
BSc "Analysing the Components of the Gender Pay Gap in the UK - What are the Main Components of the Gender Pay Gap, and to What Extent do they Contribute to this Inequality?"
BSc "Analysis Into The Relationship Between Stock Price And Market Efficiencies"
MSc "Global Energy Security Order: Deconstructing The Security Debate"
MSc "Modeling Money Demand Specification For Canada: An In Depth Analysis"
BSc "Analysis Into Macroeconomic Factors Affecting Exchange Rates"
BSc "Spillover Effect Of Foreign Direct Investment On Financial Services: Does FDI Promote Local Financial Development In India?"
BA "Important Factors That Influence Mortgage Lending, And the Level Of Significance Each One Has"
BSc "The Determinants Of Bank Performance In China"
MSc "Investigating the Impact of Capital Account Liberalization and Growth: Evidence from Three Indicators"
MSc "Does Foreign Direct Investment Influence Economic Growth In Rapidly Growing Economies? An Examination of China and India"
MSc "Empirical Tests of Consumption based Asset Pricing Models"
BA "An Investigation into the Extent and Impact of Economic Growth in Reducing Poverty in Ghana and Uganda"
BA "How Does Cocoa Price Affect The Global Chocolates Industry And What Strategy Should Be Adapted To Minimize Adverse Effects?"
BA "An Assessment into the Importance Of Economic Integration For Developed Economies"
LLM "An Exploration Into The Economic Consequences of WTO Accession on GCC Countries"
MSc "An Analysis Of Technical Barriers To Trade Within The European Union"
BSc "How The Role Of Property In A Multi-Asset Portfolio Has Been Affected By The Credit Crunch"
MSc "The Impact of FDI on Domestic Competition and Industrial Growth in Emerging Economies: The Case of India"
BA "The Role of Free Trade and Openness in the Growth and Development of South Asia"
MSc "An Exploration on How Climatic Alteration Has Affected the Economy of the United States"
BA "Exploring the Internationalization of the Sharing Economy Countries"
MSc "Estimating Macroeconomic Effects of Brexit"
BA "Predicting Economic Market Failure and Collapse in The London Housing Market and How It Compares to a Collapse in The Wider UK Housing Market"
BA "Has the Uptake of Innovative Payment Methods affected UK Student Spending Habits?"
BA "Comparative Analysis into Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) – Assessment of the United States and Competing Economies"
BA "Applying Economic Modelling to the Movement of Refugees"

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