Stress Management Assignment

Stress Management

Title: Stress Management. Identifying the relationship between stress level and physical activity in humans is one of the most useful strategies. It plays an important in understanding the root cause of the problem and knowing the best approach towards dealing with it or even managing it (Wang, Feifei & Silvia, 2019). Based on my stress inventory chart, my cumulative points stand at 358 points. A critical analysis of some of the issues leading to my high point accumulation reveals the most common stressors that a normal person would undergo and experience in the course of their growth and development.

In life, we are all faced with challenges such as losing our loved ones, financial constraints, first year and final year exams in high school as well as the death of our close friends or arguments with our siblings. These experiences induce the development of stress in us as humans and some of these occurrences or activities we may have little or completely no control over.

Stress Management and Physical Activity

In an adolescent life, for example, different situations can create stress in humans. For example, arguments with siblings or parents, death of our close friends, failure in an examination, or financial difficulty can lead to the creation of a significant amount of stress in adolescent life. The relationship between physical activity and stress is therefore evident. In most cases, an increase in physical activity reduces the stress level in humans (Chisholm, Leah, 2016).

Stress Management Assignment
Stress Management Assignment

When physical activity increase, there is increased production of endorphins which improve human’s ability to sleep and therefore leading to the reduction of stress levels. Therefore, the stress level can be managed by the implementation of physical activities into stressful daily routines. Some of the specific activities that seem interesting and worth finding time include running or going for a walk, playing at the park, doing some household chores, and taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. These are simple physical activities that do not leave a person overworked but burns a high number of calories and increase blood supply to the brain leading to the reduction of stress levels in human.

Having well-defined stress management techniques is a better approach to dealing with stress. There are many strategies that an individual can adopt in dealing with stress other than physical activities (Andersson, 2016). Some of these strategies include keeping a positive attitude in life, accepting the reality of some of the stressful events and experiences that we face as humans and acknowledging that we cannot control some of them, eating a healthy and well-maintained balanced diet, learning and practicing different techniques for relaxing our mind and body lie yoga and meditation as well as learning to be assertive in life instead of being too much aggressive (Mason, 2017). These are important strategies which when practiced effectively and efficiently, will lead to the reduction of stress level when we are faced with some of the stressful events or circumstances in our life.

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