Communication Strategy IBM

Communication Strategy IBM InvenSense

Communication Strategy IBM InvenSense – In this modern world of technology, a primary focus on network reliability is a quite understandable issue. From a business perspective, it is clear that availability and proper performance of a network will result in high productivity and will serve as a competitive tool against competitors. Networking is able to provide an environment that merges both communication and information through connecting computers and other devices to others in various departments of the organization. This facilitates competitive strategies such as cost leadership through reduction of cost brought about by sharing of both hardware and software resources.

Moreover, differentiation can be used since a business can be well aware of exactly what its customers want through market research and feedback communication mechanisms all because internal and external networks have been formulated. The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), a manufacturer and marketer of computer hardware and software elements, fully understands the importance of having a complete networking system. InvenSense, a motion tracking Sensor Company has also integrated a business communication network in their day-to-day activities.

In today’s world, communication and networking are vital features to the success and continuity of every business empire. Networking is a priceless and critical business skill that is a key for any organization to visualize success. In other words, a company’s network allows the employers and the employees to have effective communication among the different departments and the global market. The main goal of every company is to boost their productivity, but at the same time reduce on the cost of production.

There is need for advanced technological establishments in order to improve the communication experience in an organization. Consequently, the organization will achieve its goal of boosting productivity since flow of information will be fast. Devices such as Laptops, mobile phones, and tablets have immensely improved the communication in different capacities making the world a global village. People are able to communicate at any time and pass vital information without risk of security breaches.

This has been made possible by network security, which allows, a user to access the internet while being protected from threats and protecting the resources connected to the network. Even though most of the threats emanate from the internet, it is crucial for security to be deployed in order to protect internal users from viruses and prevent them from misusing resources and altering information.

IBM, which is a multinational organization, aims at offering a simplified, cost-effective, agile and security-rich networking infrastructure. On the other hand, InvenSense is a company that offers its clients system chips with motion-tracking sensors to install on devices such as tablets, smartphones, and remote controls. Both IBM and InvenSense have acknowledged the significance of having a network system that is reliable, safe from threats, and offers fast communication that minimizes errors and boosts productivity.

Scope of the Research

In this third section of the research, the writer will focus on the IBM’s and InvenSense business systems, the manner in which the two companies run their day to day business activities, the network related systems they have incorporated in their business as well as the business communication strategies put in place.

Overview of IBM

International Business Machines Corporations, which is simply known to many, as IBM is a technological and consulting Multinational Corporation, based in the United States of America. IBM is an inventor and seller of both software and hardware elements of a computer and offers consultancy services as well as provides infrastructure hosting for its customers. In addition, IBM offer a vast pool of many other services such as outsourcing, training, technical and maintenance support, just to mention a few.

IBM accounts for about 90 billion in revenue per year. The multinational corporation is composed of five segments, which contribute to its overall productivity and profitability. These segments include Global Financing, Software, Global Technological Services, which happens to be the largest income generator of the company, Global Services and Technology and Systems.

IBM may have started as the founder of the computer and may have enjoyed some monopolistic position for a very short while before other companies emerged with new computer innovations and services. The emergence of desktop and laptop computers, distributing computing, open systems and the World Wide Web, which is empowered by the Internet, are some of the technologies that have rendered the market extremely competitive.

The proprietary standards that were previously held by the founding companies of computers have been cast aside due to easy accessibility of information from open systems and the Internet. This has brought about competition for IBM forcing them to tremendously improve on their networking and communication systems.

IBM Business Systems and Solutions

The company’s business solutions have a collection of Web applications that have been built to run on the J2EE platform that has been provided by IBM WebSphere Application Server. This application provides integrated solutions to meet common business needs that are compatible with the existing server components, applications, and enterprise data. IBM Business Solutions exemplify the significance of integrating e-business solutions, increasing worker productivity, and providing services that any kind of business would find easy and useful to use.

IBM Business Solutions is integrated with IBM WebSphere Application Server, browser based and Java-built applications that are ready to use (SV, 2013). These applications are usually designed to run separately or at other times work together in order to share configuration properties and resources.

IBM is uniquely positioned to meet all the evolving customer demand and requirements. By incorporating its simple to use, agile and cost effective solutions, the company has been able to help in the transformation of storage models. The business systems and modernization has cost-effectively helped to evolve the IT system incrementally thus ensuring a modernized architecture and technology for Smarter Computing.

IBM Communication Strategy

With the growing demand for IT, service quality, and technological advancement, it is necessary to incorporate an infrastructure that can provide agility and handle the handle the needs of the growing business. IBM’s Communications Service Provider Network Infrastructure Services blends access, multiple transport and network services. This is usually coupled with events in real-time networks and dynamic customer information in order to deliver individual-based content and services.

A healthy Unified Communications (UC) solution helps a business to address inefficient collaboration and communication between the employees and their partners. In the long-run, this results in the enhanced customer relationships, improved productivity, and loyalty. IBM Converged Communications Services for UC assessment and strategy leverages the company’s methodologies, time-tested tools, and key capabilities to assist in planning, designing, and transitioning into a cloud-based UC model. This model is designed to support the company’s cost, collaboration, and productivity objectives (CMO, 2007).

In this present world, there are more ways of communicating than they have ever existed before. These methods have continued to multiply and therefore, it is necessary to integrate all communications technologies. These technologies include data, video or voice.  IBM has incorporated all these new form of communication and this has facilitated collaboration, reduced costs, improved productivity, and increased operational flexibility.

The IBM Converged Communications Services has provided a portfolio of integration, consulting, deployment and management services. This has helped in the building of integrated communications and networking environments. This environments help in the reduction of costs by reforming network management support, improves productivity using voice, video and data, and supports a mobile workforce and operations.

Overview of Network and Communication Failures in InvenSense

InvenSense is one of the leading producers of Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) in the world with its sensors playing a huge role in the semiconductor market. Its use in smartphones has revolutionalised the technology world with the major improvements it has made over the years with the smartphone camera and GPS on-board smartphones. Different problems had been identified in the communication systems and some network elements in the company that would require changes to improve the company’s overall performance.

Since a proper and efficient business network system mainly involves operational efficiency, customer responsiveness, cost saving and security, these are the main elements that are to be considered by the company (Cisco Systems, Inc., 1992-2007). These are the main issues that need to be addressed to ensure that the network elements are all working to the best interest of the company to improve the company’s business operations.

Solutions to Network System Failures

There are different procedures that can be followed by InvenSense to ensure that the business network runs as efficiently as possible. This is the main element of any successful business since it ensures that there is a smooth flow of ideas and information all around the company. Such flow is significant since it reduces the amount of time needed to respond to a particular issue as well as the normal protocols followed by the company.

Solutions will have to be implemented to avoid such problems and ensure that InvenSense continues to run smoothly and makes profit from the market. The business network will have to address issues such as these to ensure smooth running and proper management of the company.

Operational Efficiency

This means that the network system should be efficient enough to enable all the parties involved to be able to use the system properly and find their desired solution in the shortest time possible. InvenSense therefore has to ensure that its system is flexible enough so that it can be easily modified to suit the needs of any party that may require assistance in a particular field. Increased reliability of the network will also help improve communication among employees and customers.

Communication Strategy
Communication Strategy

Providing the employees will all the necessary information consistently at InvenSense will ensure that there is improved reaction times that are important in achieving effectiveness for the company. This will create competitive advantages over other competitors whose systems may be down or sluggish at times. Therefore having a system that is reliable and easy to access for the employees will enable them to improve productivity since they can access services in the shortest time and serve customer needs in time (Jia & Zhou, 2006).

In the case of InvenSense, it will be able to receive orders from potential customers who may require particular sensors for their companies. If the employees can access the network properly, they will be able to interact with the customers and answer all their queries in the shortest time possible therefore improving their individual performance.

Apart from that, developing a long-term technology plan for the company will enable it cut down on disruptions that may hinder the company’s productivity. Taking note of factors in the network or equipment that will serve for longer periods is the key factor in this solution. Therefore, InvenSense has to map out all the business objectives that it has for both the current term and the future.

This will enable the company to acquire hardware and other solutions that cover these two scenarios. Therefore, the company will be able to plan and acquire the right infrastructure to deal with the long-term goals as well as the short-term ones. This will ensure that there are no disruptions caused by a need to upgrade or get new equipment once the system is already running (Jia & Zhou, 2006).

Cost Containment

InvenSense should also strive to ensure that the network system should be cost effective and not a liability to the company. The network should be in such a way that it is able to provide the essential communication services to the company in the simplest way possible without inflating the operational costs. This means that the network at InvenSense should be able to offer video, data and voice communication through the company, which will simplify the whole operation of the system as well as reduce the huge expenses that may be required to operate a telecommunication system (Cisco Systems, Inc., 1992-2007). Such improvements in the networks will reduce the need for mobility of employees from one department to another as well as save time therefore increasing overall productivity for the company.

Apart from that, it will also enable the company to eliminate technology that may be redundant hence saving costs since only the necessary items will be integrated into the system each with a specific function. Getting less complex hardware will be cost effective since it will be much easier to operate and maintain such a system. This means that system-operating costs increase with the complex nature of the system even though the network may be more capable and cheap to acquire (Lewis, 2006).

Since professionals will be involved to run and operate the system which evolves with time, therefore the cost to run them will increase depending on the type of system that the company will choose to take up. InvenSense therefore has to choose a system is capable but not too complex that it will require more money to operate by hiring more professionals to deal with its operation. Additionally, this means that the company will also have to invest in training its staff to deal with certain problems that may affect the system instead of having to hire a person to come fix a problem once it happens which may be more expensive.

Security Improvement

The security of any network system is very critical for the business to succeed and therefore this needs to be one of the top priorities in InvenSense. Since it is a top IT company in the world that is a leader in sensor production, it is prone to attacks from people that may want the company data to gain illegally from it. Protecting the company data is important since it ensures the safety of the company’s assets as well as the consumer information (Cisco Systems, Inc., 1992-2007). A proper security system should be able to identify any internal and external threats to the company secure customer information as well as detecting and stopping any malware threats to the company’s network system.

Increased use of IT all over the world in businesses to maintain a competitive edge has also led to an increase in threats to these businesses due to cybercrime. InvenSense is no exception to such cyber-attacks and has to implement measures to ensure that its network is safe from all possible intrusions.

Acquiring Transport Layer Security (TLS) in the company will enable it to send and receive messages or data across which in turn will enable confidentiality among the parties and partners involved (Jia & Zhou, 2006). A huge company like InvenSense has a lot of confidential information flowing which cause a disaster if any of the information would leak out. This means that a transport layer security will ensure that all the information flowing through the company system is encrypted and can only be accessed by the party it is intended to after an authentication key is entered.

The TLS protocol is designed in such a way that it is almost impossible to tamper with communication across a network thus greatly improving the networks security. This implemented together with the company own firewalls will be a great advantage to InvenSense since it will have an extra layer of protection to the information that passes through the network system.

Solution to Communication System Failures

As any huge company, InvenSense may experience problems in communication that may be disastrous if not handled properly and lead to massive losses for the company. Since it deals with very sensitive and private information at times, it is important that the means of communication used is very secure and reliable to ensure that the information being sent reaches the intended recipient on time (Lewis, 2006).

The company needs to create a platform for feedback where any parties that have queries can easily be attended to and served. A proper communication system that has been integrated with customer information will help InvenSense to be able to interact with customers instantly thus saving a lot of time and manpower (Cisco Systems, Inc., 1992-2007). Additionally, providing help service options to the customers will also enable customers to have access to the company data and be assisted without necessarily speaking to a customer’s representative.

Since InvenSense deals with a variety of sensor products, having the proper communication will save a lot of time since it serves many customers that includes other huge companies that may have very high demands. Proper communication will ensure that InvenSense understands each customer’s demands and gives the necessary feedback that assures them of the company’s capability. Such a communication system will ensure customer retention that will in turn help the growth and development of the country into a global leader in MEMS.

Analysis of IBM and InvenSense Business Communication and Network Related Systems

Communication in simple terms is when a party, the sender, sends an encoded message to another party, the receiver, who receives it by decoding it. For communication to take place, the sender must have the ability to send the message while the receiver must have the ability to understand it. No business can flourish without communication.

IBM has a deep expertise that has been gained from the deployment of large-scale converged communications solutions and network. This has helped organizations to achieve converged communications solutions that meet the business needs and establishes and platform for growth in the future. The company’s vast knowledge and experience in deploying converged communications solution and networks can assist an organization to reduce implementation costs, save time, and lower the total ownership cost.

InvenSense may experience problems in communication just like any huge company that may be disastrous if not handled properly and lead to massive losses for the company. Since it deals with very sensitive and private information at times, it is important that the means of communication used is very secure and reliable to ensure that the information being sent reaches the intended recipient on time. Therefore, the company needs feedback platform where any parties that have queries can easily be attended to and served. A proper communication system that has been integrated with customer information will help InvenSense to be able to interact with customers instantly thus saving a lot of time and manpower


Communication is probably the most important ingredient needed in the overall success of a business. Transparency, openness and proper channelling of messages from employer to employees, employees to employees and employees to employer will contribute to business sustainability. Hierarchy must be respected when communication systems are being put into place since the senior management gives instructions. Thus, not only does communication ensure the easy flow and effectiveness as well as efficiency of business operations, it also facilitates faster execution of commands and responses.

From the above discussion, it is evident that the IBM Converged Communications Services has provided a portfolio of integration, consulting, deployment, and management services. This has helped in the building of integrated communications and networking environments. This environments help in the reduction of costs by reforming network management support, improves productivity using voice, video and data, and supports a mobile workforce and operations.

On the other hand, InvenSense needs to make a few improvements to both their network systems and communication to ensure that the company’s operations are running to their best. With changes in the business world with new technology coming up each and every day, it is important to move with time and update systems and methods to ensure that the company has a competitive advantage over others in the market.

It is also significant to be updated and aware of new threats to the business that come up with improvements of technology and people that wish to illegally gain from other people’s hard work. These are the key elements that will ensure that such companies such as InvenSense in the IT sector continue to be successful and create more gadgets and tools that make human life easier and interesting.


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Corporate Communication Strategies

Corporate Communication Strategies

Discuss the purpose of corporate communication strategies

Corporate communication is the overall effort of an organization to communicate effectively and profitably. For the achievement of set goals of an organization, it depends largely on character and organization’s relationship with its stakeholders such as community, employees, clients and suppliers. Thus, it is a strategic tool for an organisation to have competitive advantage over its competitors. It is used to motivate, inform employees, lead and persuade the clients. Corporate communication strategies should be aligned according to different organisation members who may not necessarily be having the same interests. Below are the purposes of corporate communication strategies. Public information: here communication is described as dissemination of information through the media such as bronchus and newsletters. Two ways symmetric: here is a dialog rather than a monolog, communication efforts are seen in terms of its research based and the use of communication in enhancing understanding with stakeholders. Press a gentry: it tries to gain coverage from mass media. Here information is given and no more information is collected from the stakeholders.

Assess how corporate communications link to corporate objectives

Significant relationship between corporate objectives and corporate communication is evident. The top management should ensure that the corporate objectives are clearly communicated to the lower management through the middle. Lack of effective communication may lead to poor or no strategy implementation. Percentage growth, market share in the market, future revenue targets as well as creating more values for stakeholders are examples of corporate objectives, which helps in running of the organization. This makes the organisation have a strong link between the corporate objectives and the corporate communication.

Analyze the relationship between corporate communication and corporate branding

There is a great relationship between the corporate communication and corporate branding. Corporate branding is the symbol used by corporate to identify itself to its audiences or clients. Corporate branding is important as it helps in creating awareness and act as a reminder of the existence of an organization. It is through effective communication in an organization that will enhance corporate branding. In addition to corporate branding, we need to consider the corporate image, which is the perceived sum of organization such as plans and objectives. It includes management style, services, products and communication activities.

Section 2

Demonstrate how you would plan an internal corporate communication audits

A communication audit is an indicator of a corporate current communication practices and their effectives. A communication audit can cover internal and external communication as separate or both depending on the desired outcome and the objectives of the corporate. An audit points out problems such as information blocks, information duplication and misunderstanding. When planning for a communication audits, formal and informal strategies should be used. For instance use of surveys which is a form of quantities research, use of interviews (qualitative research), analysis and reports and action planning. A communication audit is important in that it helps in highlighting current practices as well as possible lacking elements in an organization.

Explain how you would conduct an internal corporate communications audits

Here we have to consider various steps in corporate communication auditing. Determining key areas to audited. By considering both the internal and the external communications; consider everything from your standard branding pieces such as logos and business cards.

Choose research method. When conduction a corporate communication audits you have to select from a variety of research methods such as online survey, interviews and focus groups. This helps in collecting relevant information.

Collect and evaluate your past communications. Here you have to consider all the types of communications and information passed from the management to the middle and lower management. You need to ask questions like; who were our key audiences? Key messages? Did we reach our clients with the correct information? This helps you in knowing where to start with your corporate communication audits.

Look outward. This is where you focus on the customers and your community. Use questions to analyze your communication from your community and customers point of view. Try to find out what is their perception about your organization.

Look inward. Staffs and volunteers are the most important consideration in this stage. You need to collect their views about your organization’s communication. Ask, what are your reactions of communications during the past year? What could be improved? Did internal documents serve your needs? This helps you to have an overview of what is required of you, Put together a plan for future communications. You need to use your research as the starting point for making a corporate communication audit for your organization.

Corporate Communication Strategies Dissertations
Corporate Communication Strategies Dissertations

Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the current levels of practice in your organisation

In evaluating the level of effectiveness, you need to consider the commitment of the organisation. In terms of commitment, the organisation should be effective in that it ensures that all the objectives of organization are achieved through proper communication.

Another effective practice is the human resource. Through effective communication in the organization, various functions such as section, recruitment, in-services training are taken care off. Administration and finance control. In the running of the organization through effective communication of the set objectives, the management is in a position to control how the finances are used.

Explain how you would conduct an external corporate communication audits

An external communication audit is an indicator of current communication practices in an organization. It gives an organization’s information to the external stakeholders such as the local community, the government, the media, clients and suppliers. When planning for an external corporate communication audits you should consider various factors such as the target audiences. This will help in knowing the type of information you are going to pass from your organization to the target audience, thus enhancing the effectiveness of communication.

Demonstrate how you would conduct an external corporate communication audits

When conducting an external corporate communication audits, you have in use things like signage, posters, newspapers, voice messages and bronchus. The following steps are used in achieving it.

Understanding strategic communication practices. This helps in measuring your communication efforts. You need to ask questions that will help you determine strategic communication practices such as what is your communication vision. In addition, how does it relate to your organization’s mission? Are your communication goals well defined and measurable?

Identify the level of practice. There are various levels of practice such as institutional practices that are routine and improved over a time, Optimized practices are continuously evaluated and improved over a considerable period with sufficient resources.

Access the current performance. Here you need to know the levels of your organization performances through interviewing your audiences, use of focus groups. This helps in understanding where to start and what information to change about your organization.

Identify the areas for improvement. Getting feedback from your audiences, you now have an idea of where to change or improve in the organization. This enhances how communication has been done in the organisation. Here you need to ensure that media coverage is taken care off to pass the relevant information to the target audiences. After all this is done, you need to plan for future communication. This increases the effectiveness of your organization.

Critically evaluates the effectiveness of the current levels of practice in your organisation

As a result of effective communication in the organization there is a great change in practices such as community relation. This is as a result of corporate communication branding and imaging in the organization which helps the organization to change a lot. Through enhancement of communication with the local community; the organization has known the tastes and preferences of the community. Program management is another sector that is effective. Due to communication done with various departments in the organization, programs are run effectively thus enhancing the relationship

Financial management: It is through effective communication in the organization that budget administration is taken care of by knowing what the target audiences need you are in a position to budget well.

Demonstrate how you would plan the development of a corporate communication strategy

Having in mind what you need to achieve, you need to know what your communication plans are by asking yourself the following questions; do you want to improve your organization reputation? Do you want to generate more online or offline news coverage? You just need to lay down your organization objectives. The objectives need to be SMART: specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time.

In planning your strategy, you need to define how you will achieve you objectives. Your strategy should include a profile start such as; do you want to generate maximum or minimum coverage? By having this in mind you are in a position to have an effective corporate communication strategy in your organization.

Selecting the audiences to influence with a corporate strategy

When selecting audiences to influence your corporate communication strategy you need to consider both the internal and external audiences in your organization. First consider how employees who are the internal audiences influence your communication strategy. What information about your organization do you want to pass to your employees? Consider the external audiences such as the media, suppliers’, clients and how they influence your communication strategy. The information about your organization passed to the audiences should be clear information in order to protect the image of your organization. Both the internal and external audiences influence your communication strategy as you need to know how to deal with them.

Plan appropriate measures to monitor a planned corporate communication strategy

Participatory monitoring and evaluation covers any process that allows all stakeholders – particularly the target audience – to take part in the design of a Project, its ongoing assessment and the response to findings. It gives stakeholders the chance to help define a programme’s key messages, set success indicators, and provides them with tools to measure success. They include problem ranking, surveys and mapping. This helps in monitoring your communication strategy.


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