Domestic Violence Rules Regulations

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Domestic Violence – Fundamental concerns arising from domestic abuse is a major issue that is affecting most parts of the world. The reported cases and trends of abuse in relationships and within families are increasing despite the improvement in rules and regulations about domestic abuse . Despite the UK government enacting numerous regulations and rules, they have had minimal impact in reducing the rising rates of violence. The dissertation focused on rates and trends of domestic violence in the UK despite the changes in regulations and how the government can improve its operations to mitigate the high rates.

Furthermore, the dissertation found out the need for improvement in measures that the non-government organizations and the government have set in place to protect the victims of violence and reduce the cases of domestic abuse. The dissertation suggested that there is need to broaden the scope of awareness through educational programs. The government should adopt other measures that will aim at preventing the occurrence of such vices and safeguard the lives of victims. The main purpose of this dissertation was to develop an understanding of the various prominent cases of domestic abuse that exist in the UK over the past three decades.

The dissertation focused on the various case scenarios that are prominent with both men and women as victims of domestic violence. Thus, the dissertation highlighted multiple contexts of violence to show how men and women are victims especially women who are abused by their partners. The dissertation also found out the reason why women are the most affected in domestic violence, and most of them do to report such cases. The study made a comparative analysis of the various domestic abuse cases and state laws to safeguard the victims between the UK and the US. The comparison helped in understanding the steps taken by the UK government to stop and reduce the cases of domestic violence in the country.

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Domestic Violence Dissertation
Domestic Violence Dissertation

The comparison was based on the United Nations standards, and this helped in giving a limelight on the legal structure of the UK and its initiative to reduce such cases. Many studies have focused on a comparison between the rates of domestic violence in other countries but have failed to compare the state laws in various countries and how they have reduced the rates of domestic abuse.

The main aim of the dissertation study was to focus on the rates and trends of violence in the UK for the past three decades despite an increase in the government efforts to enact more rules and regulations. The objectives of this study included:

  • To evaluate the impact of improved laws and regulations on the reduced cases of domestic violence in the UK for the past three decades
  • To analyse the most prominent and serious domestic abuse cases in the UK for the past three decades
  • To establish the differences in the way US has dealt with domestic violence cases better than UK government

Domestic Violence Dissertation Contents

1 – Introduction
Contextual Background
Research Problem
Aims and Objectives of Research
Research Questions
Dissertation Rationale
Significance of the Study
Structure of the Study

2 – Literature Review
Definition of Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Theories
Critical Feminist Theory
Social Learning Theory
The Experiences of Men and Women as Victims of Domestic Abuse
Violence Against Women as the Minority Ethnic Group
Patterns of Recent Domestic Violence in the UK
Improvement in Federal Laws on Domestic Violence
Comparative Analysis of Domestic Violence in US and UK

3 – Methodology and Research Design
Research Paradigm
Research Approach
Investigation Type
Research Design
Research Strategy
Data Collection and Analysis
Research Limitations
Ethical Considerations

4 – Findings and Discussions
Rates and Trends of Domestic Violence in the UK
Explanation of Trends of Violence using Feminist Theory Explanation of trends and rates of violence using social learning theory
Changes and Improvements in the UK Laws
Effectiveness of the improved changes in the UK law
How changes could be done differently and adopting perspectives from US

5 – Conclusions and Recommendations
Future Implications


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