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BSA0102 Speed Of Internationalisation - Tesco PLC’s United States Venture. Tesco’s rapid expansion into the United states was seen as a which can be attributed to a few major factors, such as mode of entry into the market, method of entry, customisation of services, thoroughly understanding their target market, and the current economic state at the time of expansion. The purpose of this document will be to discuss and analyse Tesco’s expansion into the United states using and focusing on a few internationalisation theories/frameworks, and also using theories to advise managers on the strategy/route that the company could have taken in their expansion [3,000 words]
BSA0103 Case Study of Ryanair - Has hell frozen over? These are the words of James Atkinson, a former Ryanair pilot. Atkinson’s complaints point to deeper issues affecting his profession. Indeed, not long ago, airline pilots were generally associated with high status. These professionals performed highly specialized work which, not unlike medical surgery, involved others literally entrusting their lives to them – as well as several million dollars’ worth of sophisticated technology. Apart from being prestigious, aviation was also highly regulated, not least because of its historic links to the military and national defence. To become a pilot you needed to be physically, as well as mentally, fit and endure a lengthy period of training. For many, being a pilot was a childhood dream [2,500 words]
BSA0104 Strategic Management Analysis of Sports Direct. This report will analyse the external  environment of sports retailing market in the UK and evaluate the most important factors affecting the industry and the organisation. For analysis, PEST analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces Model will be used. Second section of this report covers the analysis of internal environment of Sports Direct using the VRIN framework and constructing the value chain that highlights company’s competences and resources that are responsible for its successes. Sports Direct International Plc (Sports Direct) operates within sports, fitness, and fashion lifestyle and sports equipment markets. The company’s product lines include sports equipment, footwear, clothing and similar accessories. These products are marketed under different ownerships and other licensed brands. It operates its business functions across 19 countries in Europe, as well as Asia, the US and the UK. As of April 2017, Sports direct owns and operates a total of 830 stores in the UK. The company’s four segments are: UK Sports Retail, International Retail, Premium Lifestyle and Brands  [2,300 words]
BSA0105 Global Strategy of Ford Motors - This essay analyses the problems associated with Ford Motor Company’s international growth strategy that mostly relies on offshoring its operations to different countries. In recent years, Ford Motor Company has outsourced its production and customer service facilities to India, Mexico, and China. This policy has enabled the company to reduce its manufacturing-related costs and improve the quality of its products. However, increasing competition in the global automobile sector and the challenges posed by low-cost brands has made it difficult for Ford Motors to sustain its position in the market and retain its consumers. Similarly, the excess production capacity in the international vehicle industry has forced the worldwide manufacturers to keep costs low due to the availability of innovative vehicles within the same price range. Therefore, the report recommends that Ford Motor Company should implement innovation in its cars through R&D and introduce eco-friendly and highly-efficient products that the middle-class clients in economically less-stable regions of the world can afford [3,500 words]
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