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MBA "MBA Project on Customer Relationship Management – CRM"
BA "Analysis Into No Frills And Low Cost Airlines In India: Accounting For Growth, Performance & Comparison"
BA "To What Extent Do Retained Executive Search Firms Contribute To An Organisation's Business Performance?"
BA "Has European Union Assistance In Terms Of Better Regulations Improved For Small And Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’S) Since The Introduction Of The Modern European SME Policy In 2005?"
BA "To What Extent Does The Internet Influence The Consumer Decision-Making Process?"
BA "The Influence Of Culture On Negotiations In The Context Of International Business"
BA "Are Chinese Consumers Willing To Pay More For Greenfood Products?"
BA "Supermarkets Versus Wet Market: An Investigation Into Chinese Consumerism"
BA "A Cultural Exploration of Slovenia in General and in Terms of Business Affairs"
BA "To What Extent Do Companies In The Solar Electricity Sector Apply Corporate Philanthropy"
BA "An Analysis into the Correlation between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction"
MBA "The Rivalry And Integration Strategies Of Global Stock Exchanges"
BA "The Influences On Students When Choosing A Bank Account"
BA "Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Are They Made?"
BA "The Revised Combined Code And Corporate Governance – An Empirical Study Of FTSE 350 Companies In The Travel And Leisure Industry"
BA "To What Extent Does The Country Of Production Dictate The Pricing Strategy Employed By A Small Wine Company When Selling To The UK Market?"
MBA "Analysis Of Business Process Flows & Implementation Of Optimal Networking Architecture For CIMS (Enterprise Resource Planning)"
MBA "Comparative Analysis Of Banks And Market Potential Of Savings Accounts In India"
MBA "What Are The Key Leadership Qualities and Traits Needed in Management?"
BA "Analysis into How Correctly Implemented Systems and Procedures Reduce the Risk Associated with New Product Development"
BA "Assessment into the Most Appropriate Management Style Which Ensures Effective Management"
BA "To What Extent Do Environmental Issues Affect Business Performance?"
MBA "An Assessment into the Effects of Communication on Total Quality Management"
MBA "An Investigation Into The Reasons Behind Nokia’s Fall In Market Share And The Possible Strategic Options Available To The Company In Order To Restore A Dominate Position"
BA "Quality Assurance in Government Hospitals. A study of Saudi Arabia"
BA "Significance and Impact of Change on Organisation Performance"
MBA "How Performance Measurement Underpins Business Strategy"
MBA "An Assessment into the Effectiveness of Strategy Making Processes of SME Organisations"
BA "Does Merger and Acquisition Enhance Efficiency or Erode Company Wealth? A Study of the Tata Steel Aquisition of Corus"
BA "Toyota’s Expansion into New Markets Using the Socialutions Management Model"
MBA "Service Quality in the Hotel Industry - Fair Behaviour and Long-Term Profits"
BA "Offshore Outsourcing in a Global Economy. Forewarning and Forearming Through Job Market Analysis"
MBA "Assessment of Business Strategy in Independent High Street Pharmacy"
MBA "The Importance of Trust and Open Communication in Working Environments"
BA "The Importance of Intellectual, Emotional and Managerial Qualities in Project Managers"
MBA "Investigation into Customer Behaviour and Loyalty Activities in China’s C-2-C E-Commerce Market"
MA "The Adoption of E-Procurement and Its Competitive Advantage"
BA "An Investigation into the Challenges Faced By Car Manufacturing Companies Entering European Markets and How These Challenges Can Be Overcome"
MBA "Can Organisational Performance Be Enhanced By Effective People Management Practice?"
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