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An Assessment into the Development and Adoption of Safety Culture within the Construction Industry (2011)

Ref: build0012

The intention of this dissertation was to examine and analyse the concept of a good health and safety culture within both individual organisations and the construction industry as a whole, and to identify potential barriers to widespread improvement in, and effective implementation of said safety culture. An assessment of Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 was undertaken to determine its effect upon safety. A comprehensive literature review was carried out to satisfy these objectives. The dissertation then concentrated on harnessing the opinion of a range of industry professionals by means of a questionnaire and four interviews in order to draw conclusions regarding the most significant factors holding back the industry in terms of safety, and therefore directly contributing to the unacceptably high levels of accidents, injuries and fatalities. It was found that good safety culture is comprised of many different attributes including strong  management and involvement of the whole workforce in safety matters. Barriers included production issues, behavioural factors and contractor selection procedures. Main barriers to industry safety were found to be the fragmented nature of the industry, the self-employed and designer approach to health and safety. CDM 2007 was seen as an improvement to some extent with some impact upon the statistics but needed to be clearer to be better understood and accepted.

  • 17,000 words - 75 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good use of data analyses
  • Includes interview transcripts
  • Ideal for construction, property & building studies students
  • Excellent Dissertation

Introduction to the Research and Rationale   
Aim of the Research
Research Objectives
Outline Methodology

Introduction to the Literature Review
Setting the Scene – The Need for Positive Safety Culture
What is Health and Safety Culture
Defining Elements of a Positive Safety Culture
Behaviour and Attitudes of the Workforce
Barriers to Positive Safety Culture
Industry-wide Barriers to Good Health and Safety
CDM 2007 Effect on Health and Safety
Safety Statistics Preceding and Following CDM 2007
Key Findings of the Literature Review


Introduction to the Chapter
Achieving the Research Aim and Objective
Data Collection: Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Methods and Techniques of Data Collection
Primary Data Collection
Secondary Data Collection
Analysis of the Data

Introduction to the Chapter
Analysis of the Questionnaire
Interview Analysis
Research Data Summary

Achieving the Objectives
Limitations of the Research
Recommendations for Further Research



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